Friends of Amity is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the teachers, staff, students and families of the Amity Creek community. A large portion of the money raised used to provide Art and Music education. We also help fund field trips, classroom supplies, Amity community events and more.

The word “amity” means belonging, cooperation, togetherness, and goodwill. This description builds the cornerstone of our lives at school as we emphasize community, choice-making, acceptance, risk-taking, and celebration of our social, emotional, and academic journeys. At its core, Amity Creek is a family that embraces and supports children, and that seeks to preserve the joy of childhood and learning.

Amity Creek School is rooted in the concept of authentic community in which children, parents, and staff are equally valued and respected members, and in which individual differences are honored and celebrated. Above all, this is a community where everyone teaches and everyone learns.

Join Friends of Amity in helping to support this wonderful mission to provide an exceptional, community-based learning environment for our children.